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March 5, 2015

A Toast to 43

March 5, 2015

2015 Word – Tenacity

March 5, 2015
Toast to 43

The first time I heard of this One Word trend, I actu­ally blew it off. I mean, who in their right mind could ever pick just ONE word for an entire year?! Can’t be done!

Then another year went by and I read posts from friends all over the inter­net shar­ing their one word. Some seemed so deep and thought­ful. Oth­ers seemed like they were try­ing just a lit­tle too hard. Again, another year of look­ing (and judg­ing) others.

Last year, I gave in and picked a word. I didn’t share it with a soul. I don’t do so well with account­abil­ity. It makes me rebel­lious. I knew I wouldn’t remem­ber the stu­pid word anyway.

It was RENEW.

I only thought about it at the begin­ning of the year, my 3 week vaca­tion this sum­mer, and now.

Those were the times I needed to remem­ber it. I needed a year of renewal. Being a wife, mother, busi­ness owner can be exhaust­ing. Every one of us need renewal. How­ever, I was feel­ing lost. I for­got who I was…what I wanted…what I loved. When you are the “coach” of a fam­ily that deals with odds and ends (ADD, Tourettes, OCD), you have to care­fully guard your feel­ings and your heart.

Last year was a great year of renewal. I picked a good word. Now for my One Word for 2015.

TENACITY — the quality of holding fast; persistence

The bound­aries have been grounded. Now I need to remind myself through­out the year to show tenac­ity through hard­ships and suc­cesses. I am a strong woman who has a lot to offer my com­mu­nity and fam­ily. I want to give more of myself and grow my heart so much more.

I hope you share what your One Word is, if you chose to par­tic­i­pate this year. It’s amaz­ing to reflect on your past and present…then dream and hope on your future.

Happy New Year!

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