Apology to all Servicemen

May 22, 2017

Being Content in this Moment

May 22, 2017
Apology to Servicemen
Being Content

We’ve had 5 minutes to breathe from the 2016-2017 school year to the start of Summer. Yet, I’m learning once AGAIN that I need to be content with this moment. Just now. Not my 1-year or 5-year goal. But this second.

I came across a post I wrote in May of 2015 and WOW! I sound so content. I was soaking up the sounds, smells, and offerings of the moment. I have not felt that this May.

I’m coming off a 2-month schedule from the funny farm. I’ve over committed for the past 11 months. It comes to an end this month. I can’t wait. I have suffered for this over commitment. My family has too.

Somewhere in all this crazy, Oldman has graduated high school (1 1/2 years early!) and is learning to adult. Gremlin has wrapped up his time at the local Junior High. He will be homeschooling next year and his emotions are all over the place…excitement…sadness over loss of daily buddies…determination…

I DO love May for the same reasons I mentioned in that 2-year-old post. Such inspiration for new life. I want to take that inspiration and tuck it into my heart so it might sprout something in me. I need the windows of my soul to open up and let the warm Spring breezes blow the white-washed curtains around a bit. Blow out the cob-webs of frustration and dust bunnies of annoyance.

I look forward for this time of a good ol’ fashion clean out. [and renewing this blog!]

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