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May 28, 2015

Weekend of Wonders

May 28, 2015

The month of May

May 28, 2015
Weekend of Wonder

As with life for any parents of school-aged kids, the end of the school year screams chaos. The kids are SO over school (and so are the teachers!), an acre of trees come home in the form of papers to be signed or thrown away. Except for those few treasures that you just can’t bring yourself to pitch. Backpacks full of broken crayons/pencils, notebooks, and crumbs from some snack that didn’t fair too well in the transition from home to school. School plays, band performances, award ceremonies, and the dreaded finals for the teens.

The pool is finally open with temperatures starting to soar into the 80s. Kids wanting to conquer the perfect dive and the double flip before June comes. Family vacations are already starting or we’re gearing up for them. Mom’s knowing the dreaded “I’m bored” is on the cusp of each kiddo’s tongue, but praying for just a little more time before it whines out.

June bugs are out early…again. Lighting bugs have come early this year. Flowers are in full bloom, vegetable gardens are starting to show signs of life, and baby birds are chirping from every corner of the yard. The smell of freshly mowed yards fill the air. The God-perfected scent of earth from an early morning shower is delicious.

In the chaos of May, I strive to remember to pause and enjoy. Enjoy the smells, the new births of all living things, and remember this is another Summer I get to have my boys at home to love on. At 15 and 11 it won’t be long…

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