Leaders Who Fall

March 10, 2015

Pre Family Four

March 10, 2015


March 10, 2015
Falling Leadership
Pre Family 4 | Jen Remembers

I don’t know when it started, really.

It was a joke for awhile. “Getting grounded from mom is awesome…she never remembers!”

Then it quickly elevated to anger…for me. Trying to juggle life can be exhausting on a normal day, but if you can’t remember things it becomes a nightmare. I don’t have problems with everything…like day-to-day happenings. I’m an avid note taker and I rule my to-do lists. It’s the most important things I’m forgetting – memories.

It doesn’t really matter the whys of what’s happening to my leaking brain. What does matter is that I need to start recording my memories.

I’ve blogged for eons. I love it, but it’s always been a bit for me and a whole lot to “you”. With Jen Remembers, it’s for me to remember things I so desperately need to remember.

I want to remember…

…the day Gremlin finally decided to ride his bike.

…the moment Oldman screamed at me, “I’m not normal! Eleven-year-olds don’t feel like this!”

…the time J took me to Busiek State Park and told me that he was crazy-in-love with me and couldn’t live another day without me.

I’m forgetting the big things and already don’t remember the small things.

If you’re a reader of mine, I hope you’ll support me in this blog…any encouragement is welcome. This blog requires a lot of vulnerability and I want to stay strong through my posts. If you wish to be part of this journey with me, please subscribe. I won’t post many of these posts on Facebook as it’s a little more personal than my Facebook has become.

Thank you for being part of my life – whether it’s IRL or through 867-5309. I hope you’ll continue to stick around for Jen Remembers.

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