Being Content in this Moment

May 22, 2017
Being Content

We’ve had 5 minutes to breathe from the 2016-2017 school year to the start of Summer. Yet, I’m learning once AGAIN that I need to be content with this moment. Just now. Not my 1-year or 5-year goal. But this second. I came across a post I wrote in May of 2015 and WOW! I sound so content. I was soaking up the sounds, smells, and …

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Apology to all Servicemen

August 20, 2015
Apology to Servicemen

Growing up as a TCK (Third Culture Kid), there are crazy little things that make us tic. One of those is being asked, “Where are you from?” Well, does that mean where was I born? Where have I lived the longest? What country do I connect with the most? The other oddity is trying to figure out where our patriotism lies. It’s usually divided for …

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Weekend of Wonders

July 6, 2015
Weekend of Wonder

I don’t want to lose this memory: This past 4th of July weekend was an amazing weekend of friends and family. Something I guess I needed, because it made me feel full. I love these people! Saturday, my friend and cousin, Beej, married an incredible woman who is also a friend, Lindsey. They both have past crap that made their journey to this day so …

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The month of May

May 28, 2015

As with life for any parents of school-aged kids, the end of the school year screams chaos. The kids are SO over school (and so are the teachers!), an acre of trees come home in the form of papers to be signed or thrown away. Except for those few treasures that you just can’t bring yourself to pitch. Backpacks full of broken crayons/pencils, notebooks, and …

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Gone Too Soon

May 1, 2015

When you work in an education system, in any capacity, you find yourself connecting with certain students despite the overwhelming number of students you work with day in and day out. Working with international students was even that much more hard not to have favorites. Sometimes the connection comes because of shared favorite locations. Or the shared cultural cues. But there was one student that had …

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