Meet Jen

I grew up in Okla­homa and spent many great years in India.  Traveling is like writing…soul refreshing.

I am enter­tained daily by a hilar­i­ous man that some­how hornswog­gled me into mar­ry­ing him before I knew what was going on. But I’ve stayed with him for 19 years because he always keeps me laugh­ing (and guess­ing). Due to the mix­ing of antibi­otics and birth con­trol pills, I was preg­nant by our 1st anniver­sary.  What a shocker for the woman who didn’t want chil­dren! How­ever, my first born was the per­fect anti­dote. I don’t use my children’s real names on this blog so I call them by the name that makes me think of them fondly. Old­man (he always was an old soul) is now 17 and always a joy to talk with.  I enjoyed Old­man so much that I worked very hard to have another child. God so mer­ci­fully gave us another son, Grem­lin (he’s an ornery cuss). He’s 13 years old and his heart is as ten­der as his smile is mischievous.

Me and the Guys 2015