Being Content in this Moment

May 22, 2017
Being Content

We’ve had 5 minutes to breathe from the 2016-2017 school year to the start of Summer. Yet, I’m learning once AGAIN that I need to be content with this moment. Just now. Not my 1-year or 5-year goal. But this second. I came across a post I wrote in May of 2015 and WOW! I sound so content. I was soaking up the sounds, smells, and …

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Weekend of Wonders

July 6, 2015
Weekend of Wonder

I don’t want to lose this memory: This past 4th of July weekend was an amazing weekend of friends and family. Something I guess I needed, because it made me feel full. I love these people! Saturday, my friend and cousin, Beej, married an incredible woman who is also a friend, Lindsey. They both have past crap that made their journey to this day so …

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Teen approves of Mom

April 6, 2015

Jen, You do not want to forget this! Let me catch you up to speed: D1 (adopted neighborhood kiddo) stole a car with StarLord (8th grader staying with D1). StarLord got kicked out of school and now there’s a new kiddo hanging around, AFC. He stole a car also. (Yes, you’re about to strangle them all). AFC is very new to our way of parenting …

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Gremlin – food allergies

March 26, 2015

Gremlin fills my heart with so much joy it might burst. Then in the very next second I want to throttle him. His perspective on life is so out of the ordinary…well, out of the ordinary for me. While J and Oldman are black and white, Gremlin and I see everything in shades of grey.  But he’s got a lot of his dad in him too so he’s …

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St. Patrick’s Day Romance

March 17, 2015
Love not Luck | Jen Remembers

On March 17, 1997 I had a day from hell. Anything that could go wrong at work, went wrong. There was drama that I thought only Jr High girls could pull off. It was cold and had been raining all day. I longed to go home, pull on my comfy flannels, curl up with my Springer Spaniel (Shanti) on the couch, and read a good book. …

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