Pre Family Four

March 12, 2015
Pre Family 4 | Jen Remembers

Growing up, Hulkman would get confused on the word, “family”. Are we talking extended family or immediate family? So we started calling our immediate family, Family 5. To Hulkman it was like calling us all by name…we had a family identity. Once Gremlin came along and Hulkman found out J and I weren’t having any more children, he called us Family 4. But of course we …

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Family Roots

March 5, 2015

Today marks an intriguing milestone in my life. I’ve lived 42 years and this is the longest I have ever lived in one place. 10 years. Ten years ago, J and I were sweatin’ our booties off unload­ing a mov­ing truck to a house I had just seen. We had to make this move pretty quick so he bought it with­out me being here. I trusted …

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