Shut Up, It’s my Right

April 10, 2015

Evening Jen…it’s been an exhausting week. Your brain and heart hurts. The town’s all in a hubbub over a vote that happened on Tuesday. It was either YES to remove ‘Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity’ from the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance or NO to keep it. Unfortunately it turned into a huge hateful fight between radical “Christians” and the gay community. I’m exhausted from being pissed off about …

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Teen approves of Mom

April 6, 2015

Jen, You do not want to forget this! Let me catch you up to speed: D1 (adopted neighborhood kiddo) stole a car with StarLord (8th grader staying with D1). StarLord got kicked out of school and now there’s a new kiddo hanging around, AFC. He stole a car also. (Yes, you’re about to strangle them all). AFC is very new to our way of parenting …

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Gremlin – food allergies

March 26, 2015

Gremlin fills my heart with so much joy it might burst. Then in the very next second I want to throttle him. His perspective on life is so out of the ordinary…well, out of the ordinary for me. While J and Oldman are black and white, Gremlin and I see everything in shades of grey.  But he’s got a lot of his dad in him too so he’s …

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St. Patrick’s Day Romance

March 17, 2015
Love not Luck | Jen Remembers

On March 17, 1997 I had a day from hell. Anything that could go wrong at work, went wrong. There was drama that I thought only Jr High girls could pull off. It was cold and had been raining all day. I longed to go home, pull on my comfy flannels, curl up with my Springer Spaniel (Shanti) on the couch, and read a good book. …

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Pre Family Four

March 12, 2015
Pre Family 4 | Jen Remembers

Growing up, Hulkman would get confused on the word, “family”. Are we talking extended family or immediate family? So we started calling our immediate family, Family 5. To Hulkman it was like calling us all by name…we had a family identity. Once Gremlin came along and Hulkman found out J and I weren’t having any more children, he called us Family 4. But of course we …

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